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A quality-driven college of experts across all scientific disciplines

Over the past four decades the European Science Foundation (ESF) has built an invaluable network of international academics, science policy experts, key decision-makers and stakeholders across the European and global research landscape. 

Since 1974, over 300,000 scientists from 186 countries have benefited from participation in ESF’s programmes. Today, our database includes some 130,000 contacts.  By growing this base further we can continue to build sustainable links across multiple research fields in Europe and better enable researchers to meet future scientific challenges.

The ESF Community of Experts plays a vital role in sustaining scientific collaboration, supporting excellence in peer-review and in research grant and proposal evaluation. 

Members of the Community of Experts can be invited to act as reviewers for research project proposals and fellowship applications. They may also be invited to join review panels to select the best research proposals.

The Community comprises two Colleges:  

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ESF-SC is very grateful to the external reviewers and panel members who participate in our evaluation exercises by providing constructive and insightful feedback. Their efforts are vital in ensuring and improving the quality of our evaluation process. We would like to thank the following experts for their valuable support and contribution in 2021.

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