Core Technologies for Life Sciences


Core Technologies for Life Sciences (CTLS) is a global nonprofit organization that unites researchers, technical experts, and administrative personnel from diverse regions, all engaged in pivotal roles within core facilities, research infrastructures, and collaborative resource labs. Serving as a nexus, the association furnishes an arena for fostering connections, deliberating on emergent technologies, and facilitating the interchange of insights regarding optimal methodologies. In addition, the organization plays a pivotal role in nurturing the professional growth trajectories of its members, spanning their entire careers, by providing an extensive array of enriching training prospects. 

The CTLS support programme for life sciences researchers encompasses a shadowing opportunity, empowering individual scientists to explore core facilities, collaborate with other individuals or teams, acquire fresh management skills, and foster professional networks. The availability of staff exchanges further enhances the potential for diverse core facility staff to gain deeper insights into each other's facilities.

ESF services

ESF offers comprehensive support to CTLS, including tasks such as membership fee collection, financial management, dedicated account setup, consolidated reporting, secretariat duties for governance, provision of office resources, webmaster assistance, and coordination of communication processes.   


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