Project Summary

TIME4CS (Supporting sustainable Institutional Changes to promote Citizen Science in Science and Technology) aims at supporting and facilitating the implementation of sustainable Institutional Changes in Research Performing Organisations (RPOs) to promote Public Engagement (citizens and citizens associations) and Citizen Science in science and technology. TIME4CS has identified 4 Intervention Areas (IAs) that alone or combined can stimulate the Institutional Changes necessary to promote Public Engagement in R&I activities: i) Research; ii) Education and Awareness; iii) Support resources and Infrastructure; iv) Policy and Assessment. 

Institutional Changes should be: i) irreversible, ii) comprehensive, iii) inclusive and iv) contextualized. Bearing this in mind, TIME4CS will establish a knowledge transfer and mutual learning programme between Front-Runners (FRs) and Implementers (Is). The first ones are RPOs with a comprehensive expertise in Citizen Science and that have already undergone Institutional Changes. The latter are TIME4CS beneficiaries still in the early stages of the implementation of Institutional Changes to support Citizen Science, willing to face the challenge of introducing CS activities in their structures. The mutual learning programme will lead to the development of specific and tailored roadmaps for each implementing organisation including a set of specific and detailed actions to follow (Grounding Actions). The whole process will be supported by two facilitator partners supporting the knowledge transfer and the definition of the Grounding Actions.

Project consortium

TIME4CS is a collaborative project built by 11 partners from 8 European Member States and 1 associated country:

  • Agenzia Per La Promozione Della Ricerca Europea – Italy (Coordinator) 
  • European Science Foundation – France
  • University College London – United Kingdom
  • Fundacio Centre De Regulacio Genomica – Spain
  • Aarhus Universitet – Denmark
  • Zentrum Fur Soziale Innovation Gmbh – Austria
  • Universitat Zurich – Switzerland
  • Crowdhelix Limited – Ireland
  • University College Cork-National University of Ireland – Ireland
  • Universita Vita-salute San Raffaele – Italy
  • Kauno Technologijos Universitetas – Lithuania

Role of ESF

ESF is one of the two facilitator partners supporting the mutual learning programme. ESF leads the Work Package (WP) 2: “Roadmap framework leading to Institutional Changes”, which is primarily aimed at developing a roadmap framework supporting the achievement of sustainable institutional changes that assure the responsible involvement of society in science and innovation activities.

It first focuses on the development of a roadmap framework that serves as a basis for structuring specific, need-based institutional roadmaps shape-cut for individual organisations. Then, the roadmap framework will be tailored for the 4 consortium Implementers to assure the attainment of sustainable institutional changes via a series of well-defined, timely and achievable short-term (project lifespan) and long-term (sustainable) goals.

Timeline & Funding

This is a 3-year project, started on 1 January 2021. The total funding received by the EC is 1.5M€ 

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101006201