Regions for climate change resilience through Innovation, Science and Technology

Project Summary

RESIST will contribute to the EU agenda on Climate Change Adaptation (CCA). It will strengthen the resilience and accelerate the transformation and increase adaptive capacity of 12 climate-vulnerable EU regions, implementing 4 large-scale demonstrators of resilient innovations for with quintuple-helix partnerships (including 1 in a less developed region) and promote transfer of know-how and innovative solutions to 8 twin regions (of which 4 less developed regions) through both physical mutual-learning activities and innovative immersive digital twins.

The consortium will engage EU associations, CCA research groups, scientific experts, social engagement and communication institutions, innovation agencies and one Venture Capital Fund to co-create and validate innovative solutions, raise awareness, leverage citizens participation, and promote sustainable exploitation of results towards the markets.

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ESF contribution to the Project

To ensure effective management of this complex and large project, the leadership of the project management has been divided among three partners, with ESF responsible for issues related to Data management, Gender, and Ethics.

ESF role is both to implement an analytical framework to monitor the ethics and gender dimensions throughout the project, and at the same time to guide and support the partners in the three key fields crosscutting all activities in the project. The expertise of ESF allows RESIST to align its scope, aims, and activities with sound ethical standards and with the principles of diversity and inclusion.  

Project Partners

56 partners representing 15 countries.

Timeline & Funding

  • Project duration: January 2023-December 2027
  • Estimated Project Cost: €26,682,827.75  
  • EU Contribution: €24,949,990.25

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon Europe programme under grant agreement No 101093968