ESF is committed to promoting the highest quality science in Europe, to drive progress in research and innovation. We work closely with our members and partners, sharing our expertise and offering solution-orientated partnerships aimed at increasing the quality and effectiveness of science and science-related activities. ESF supports its member organisations by enabling them to access key decision-makers through its broad network and by providing strategic advice through:

  • Access to key decision-makers through its broad network
  • Strategic advice and road mapping
  • Support for access to EU funding
  • Privileged access to scientific services
  • Specialised seminars and reports

Download ESF's Statutes here.


ESF membership is open to public or private organisations from European countries (members of the Council of Europe), whose chief mission is promoting or providing financial or other support to scientific research and/or operations, and who are interested in scientific research in any capacity whatsoever.

Types of membership

Full membership
Empowers organisations to lead the development of ESF through the statutory bodies (Assembly and Executive Board).  Full members pay an annual fee and have voting rights in the General Assemblies. An entry fee to be may apply depending on the applicant category.

Associate membership
Allows organisations to contribute occasionally to ESF’s objectives through their scientific and research background and skills. Associate members are not required to pay an annual fee. They are invited to participate in the General Assemblies without voting rights.

How to apply

To apply for membership, please contact us via the contact form below.
Applications will be reviewed for decision by ESF’s Executive Board.

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