Research Quality Assessment & Grant Evaluation

We support research funders, programmes and universities in identifying the best research projects


Our Support

Our grant evaluation support is tailored to each partner’s needs and can involve:

  • Providing two or more expert evaluation reports for each research project or application to be assessed 
  • Setting up disciplinary international review panels for collective assessment
  • Process support: selection criteria definition, proposal collection, and full selection process

Our Community of Experts

Our Community of Experts comprises nearly 10,000 international experts from over 80 countries, across all scientific disciplines.  Members of our Community of Experts can be invited to act as Expert Reviewers or Review Panel members and support excellence in our grant evaluation missions.

Our Expertise

  • Assessment of a wide range of research project proposals and applications
     -  (Post-) doctoral fellowships
     -  Fundamental, applied, strategic basic research
     -  Chair positions
     -  Interdisciplinary research projects and networks
     -  Collaborative research proposals
     -  Conference sessions
  • Adhering to the core principles of research grant assessment: expert assessment, impartiality, transparency of the processes, appropriateness for purpose, and efficiency and speed.
  • Management of conflict of interest following the good practices recommended by the “European Peer Review Guide: Integrating Policies and Practices into Coherent Procedures”, published by ESF in 2011.
  • An experienced team of grant evaluation process managers.
  • Secure online platform and adaptable workflows for the call management, proposal collection and evaluation by remote experts and review panels.

Our Partners

Over the past years ESF has partnered with numerous Public and private Research funders, Universities, European organisations, EU-funded projects and programmes, MSCA Cofunds and Regional authorities.  Click here to read our Partner's testimonials.