cOAlition S

Making full and immediate Open Access a reality


cOALition S is an international consortium of research funders that was launched on September 2018 to implement Plan S. The cOAlition S is supported by Science Europe, hosted and administered by the European Science Foundation. 

cOAlition S is committed to fulfil the specific target set out in Plan S, with effect from 1st January 2021: all scholarly publications on the results from research funded by public or private grants provided by national, regional, and international research councils and funding bodies, must be published in Open Access venues (journals or platforms) or made immediately available through Open Access Repositories without embargo. 

The cOAlition S aims to:

  • To promote the goal of full and immediate Open Access and gain additional members and support for cOAlition S.
  • To promote Plan S in order to gain support from the scientific community and other stakeholders. 
  • To take the necessary steps to implement the principles of Plan S in a coordinated fashion. 
  • To support its members in implementing Plan S. 

Organizational structure & Funders


The coalition is structured around 3 main groups:

  • The Leaders’ Group, including the heads of the member organisations, dealing with policy making and strategic orientation
  • The Executive Steering Group in charge of implementing the strategy defined by the Leaders’ Group
  • The Experts Group mandated to work on the proposed ideas, report progress, ideas, implementation barriers through different Task Forces.

In addition, a network of independent experts acts as Open Access Ambassadors to disseminate information about Plan S to the research community, and to relay the researchers’ concerns and comments back to cOAlition S.  

ESF is an observer without voting right in all the groups and administers cOAlition S executive office.


cOAlition S brings together a group of national research funders, European and international organisations and charitable foundations) together with the European Commission.  

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