Code of Conduct

This ESF Code of Conduct formally sets out the principles and ethics according to which the organisation functions. As such, it establishes clear principles on how all ESF employees, whether permanent or temporary, internal or external, as well as partners and other relevant stakeholders can expect to be treated, and what is in turn expected of them. 

The Code of Conduct presents ESF’s ways of working based on inclusive participation of its staff, anticipation and reflection on ESF needs, and proactive response to the changes of its dynamic environment.

The Code of Conduct reflects the commitment of the ESF to demonstrate workplace ethical standards beyond those of legal compliance and serves as a framework for day-to-day operations, decision-making and communication in the organisation. All employees of the ESF are expected to sign on to these principles and to apply them in their daily work. In addition, and with connection to the Grant Evaluation stream of activities conducted by the ESF, a specific appendix to the Code of Conduct will be integrated for the purpose of the Research Associates working for the ESF on a contractual basis. 

The ESF Code of Conduct is divided in four main sections:

  1. Principles, covering issues falling under legal, ethical, HR, Human Rights, and corporate responsibility areas.
  2. Team
  3. Respect of assets and the environment;
  4. Information security

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