Our Values

Integrity in our approach

Maintaining the trust of our partners is fundamental to the achievement of our mission. The integrity of our approach and the transparency and excellence of our processes allow us to cultivate long-term partnerships with our clients.

Partnership in all our activities

ESF is a non-profit association. We serve our members, research stakeholders and the broader science community by enabling them to access key decision-makers through our broad network. We help our members and partners to develop sound science-based methodologies and structures. Our aim to become the premier provider of independent science support services in Europe relies on this network and our ability to offer our partners the highest standard in scientific services.

Transparency of our processes

Transparency creates trust and demonstrates that ESF is a reliable partner. We are clear about what we do and how we do it, providing access to accurate and specific information about our procedures and decision-making process, income, members, and the management of potential biases and conflicts of interest.

Excellence in science management

By mobilising expert staff and deploying time-tested procedures, we strive to deliver the best outcome for our partners. We enable excellent science through the provision of high-quality peer-review, evaluation and evidence-gathering tools and processes.

Evidence-based decision making

We aim to apply the scientific method to everything we do, both in our core work and in how we engage with our customers. Science indicators and data are the future of scientific decision-making and science support. We endeavour to develop an evidence-base wherever possible in the course of our activities.