European Facility for Airborne Research


EUFAR is the European distributed infrastructure for airborne research. Established in 2000, it serves as a network for the European airborne research community, aiming to support scientists by providing access to research aircraft and instruments not readily available in their respective countries. This fosters equal opportunities for scientists across Europe to conduct various atmospheric and in situ measurements onboard research aircraft. 

Over time, EUFAR has expanded its scope, incorporating new activities and objectives to establish itself as the primary network and portal for airborne research in Europe's environmental and geosciences field. The organization's initiatives now encompass organizing summer schools and expert workshops, serving as an interactive information hub, maintaining a central data archive, and developing tools and standards for data collection, processing, and analysis. Through these efforts, EUFAR continually enhances the operational environment for conducting airborne research.

ESF services

ESF services offered to EUFAR include science and policy support, financial management, communication, and administrative assistance. By handling these essential functions, ESF enables EUFAR to focus on its core mission of advancing airborne research capabilities and fostering collaboration among scientists throughout Europe.


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