Join our College of Expert Reviewers

What is involved ?

Members of the College have the opportunity to contribute to peer review and research evaluation campaigns ESF conducts for its partner organisations. This entails being ready to receive occasional invitations from ESF to act as an external expert reviewer for research project proposals or fellowship applications.

Occasionally, members of the College may also be asked to join a Review Panel for collective assessment of proposals in a dedicated meeting. Expert honoraria are paid for timely and substantiated reviews, written according to ESF’s reviewer guidelines prepared for each campaign (including selection criteria, scoring approach, guidance for dealing with biases and Conflicts of Interest, etc.).  

Members have the opportunity to promote their work through the ESF Community of Experts network:

  • Annual publication of reviewers’ names on the ESF website (unless opted-out) for members having provided a review
  • Certificate of recognition awarded to members having provided a review (upon request). 

How assignments are made

We always look for the best-fit of expertise for each review assignment, taking into consideration the expert’s area of expertise, discipline, experience and availability - and of course potential biases or conflicts of interest. 

Experts are asked to upload (or update) their scientific profile on our web portal. This facilitates the efficient assignment of experts to proposals. 

How to apply

If you are interested in joining our College of Expert Reviewers, please click below:

Apply now

After creating your account in our web portal, you will be able to complete your contact details, scientific profile and upload your CV. Once submitted, your application to the College will be reviewed by the ESF scientific staff. 

ESF will not discriminate, nor allow its staff to discriminate, against any member of staff or applicant for employment or ex-employee on the basis of gender (including in cases of pregnancy or maternity); age; ethnic, national or social origin; religion or belief; sexual orientation; disability; political opinion; social or economic condition or health.

For more information or questions, please contact us at: esfexperts[at]esf[dot]org

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