Eugenia Vilarchao

Eugenia works on EC-funded projects related to Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI): CASPER, GRACE-RRI, and TIME4CS, where she works in the fields of Gender Equality, Citizen Science and Public Engagement, Open Science, and Research Ethics. In the frame of the GRACE-RRI project, she actively contributes to the implementation of Institutional Changes on RRI within the ESF. 

Eugenia has more than nine years’ experience in academic research, scientific project development and management, publishing, and a good knowledge of international funding systems.  

She holds a PhD in Neurosciences from Université Paris Descartes (France), a MSc degree in Animal Physiology and a BSc in Biology from Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina). After her doctoral studies, she did a 3-year postdoc at Institut Pasteur, working in the fields of memory, perception, and decision-making. 

Besides her activities at the ESF, Eugenia has been a scientific tutor within the “Savanturiers – École de la Recherche” programme (CRI, France) for the past 3 years and has been part of the “500 Women Scientists” pod in Paris, showing her interest and involvement in the field of RRI. Eugenia is also member of the Marie-Curie Alumni Association where she actively participates in the French Chapter and the Policy Working Group. 

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