Julia Boman

Julia has developed grant evaluation collaborations for various ESF partners – public and private research funding organisations, universities, and university networks, establishing long-term partnerships based on trust and collaboration. Partners include the Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO), Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation of Georgia, Flemish Interuniversity Council (VLIR), the Universities of Bordeaux, Ghent, Hasselt, Leuven, Luxembourg, AXA Research Fund, Scor Corporate Foundation for Science, etc. 

Along with a dedicated team of grant evaluation mission coordinators, administrative staff, and research associates, she develops tailor-made evaluation processes for the various research funding schemes, focusing on continuous improvement and streamlining of the processes and quality assurance mechanisms.  

Since 2019, she has overseen more than 60 grant evaluation initiatives, entailing the evaluation of more than 10,000 research proposals (individual grants or multi-partner collaborative project proposals), PhD or postdoctoral fellowship applications or competitive promotions applications for the academic university staff. She also coordinates career-tracking surveys of doctorate holders for several European universities (DocEnhance project and 2016 ESF Career Tracking Survey).  

When she joined the ESF in 2008, she was responsible for the management of the evaluation process for two multi-million HERA transnational research funding programmes - “Humanities in the European Research Area”. She also coordinated institutional evaluation studies. She has previously worked for the Council of Europe, Strasbourg, and earlier, for an FP5 research project at the University of Tartu. 
Juilia has a BA in English Language and Literature and a Master of Arts in Political Science from the University of Tartu, Estonia.

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