Ildiko Ipolyi

Dr. Ildikó Ipolyi is a Science Officer with ESF Science Connect, responsible for the development of new (European) project activities. To this role, she brings her positivity, creativity, and her 20 years of experience within the European and international scientific communities, which have allowed her to build excellent scientific insight and project management skills.

Prior to joining Science Connect, Ildikó was a Senior Consultant at the Environmental Institute s.r. in the Slovak Republic where she was responsible for environmental monitoring data management for the NORMAN Network. Funded by the EU under FP6, and established in 2005, it is a permanent network of reference laboratories, research centres and related organizations for the monitoring and bio-monitoring of emerging environmental pollutants. Via her role in the NORMAN Database Development Team, she has first-hand vision on EU environmental monitoring data on emerging substances and its evaluation/use for policy support.

Ildikó was also a project manager in Quality Consult s.r.l. in Rome, Italy, responsible for project management and the preparation of international projects.. This included managing science-policy interfacing projects such as SIPE, "An environmental Standards Information Portal for Europe", contributing to the improvement of European analytical data quality, implementing the EU Water Framework Directive via the SWIFT-WFD project, and coordinating the MSCA training action TAQC-WFD.

Ildikó has an MSC in Food Engineering from the University of Horticulture and Food Industry, Budapest; a PhD in Analytical Chemistry from Szent István University of Budapest and was awarded various grants during her studies including the Bolyai Janos Post-Doctoral Fellowship of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Ildikó is motivated in her professional life by the feeling that she contributes to something important: safeguarding the health of European citizens and the advancement of science in Europe. Ildikó has made more than 50 presentations at national and international conferences and symposia and is the author and co-author of more than 20 scientific publications and book chapters. She speaks Hungarian, English, and Italian fluently.