Emmanouil Detsis

Dr. Emmanouil Detsis is a Science Officer with ESF Science Connect. He is a highly qualified astronomer and space scientist, with an open attitude and varied interests.

Emmanouil is currently responsible for project management and co-ordination of the DEMOCRITOS project, funded by Horizon 2020 SPACE, for the design of 3 demonstrators to validate concepts in nuclear electric propulsion technology. He is also the coordinator of the BIOWYSE project, an H2020 SPACE funded project, with the aim of designing, manufacturing and testing a novel water management system for deep space habitats.
He also serves on the Secretariat of the European Space Sciences Committee (ESSC) where he manages co-ordination and communication with stakeholders including the European Space Agency and European Commission.

Emmanouil is additionally responsible for the preparation of proposals in response to Horizon 2020 calls in space disciplines and other technology areas, deriving great satisfaction from bringing a team together, working intensively on proposals and winning new projects and grant awards.

Prior to taking up his current role (2012), Emmanouil held positions as a faculty member, teaching associate and research analyst at the International Space University (Strasbourg).

Emmanouil holds a PhD in Astronomy from University of Edinburgh (Scotland, UK), a Master’s Degree in Space Studies from the International Space University (Strasbourg, France) and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics from University of Crete (Greece).  His first career role was as a Research Assistant at the Skinakas Observatory in Greece (2000).  

Emmanouil speaks Greek and English fluently, and understands French. In addition to all space related things, his interests include software development, science fiction writing, world history and fitness training.