Ana-Maria Ciubotaru

Ana Maria is a highly experienced scientist with expertise in project management and grant evaluation.  

She is currently involved in the management of the Graphene Flagship Core 3 project, Europe’s biggest ever research initiative, for which she handles tasks related to European alignment and international collaborations.  She is also a partner leader for the EC-funded PASSENGER project which aims at developing Rare Earth-free magnets. 

Within the ESF, Ana Maria has carried out a range of grant evaluation activities and served as Scientific Secretary of the MatSEEC committee (Materials Science and Engineering Expert Committee). 

Prior to her current position, she was a Post-doctoral Researcher at ENSIACET-CIRIMAT in Toulouse, France, where she studied MOCVD and DLI-MOCVD coatings deposition for anticorrosion and antifouling applications and thermal exchange improvement for composite interfaces. Ana-Maria has a PhD from the Bourgogne and the Transylvania Universities.

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