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27. May 2016

European Science Foundation presents 40 year archive to the Historical Archives of the European Union

The 40-year archive of the European Science Foundation (ESF) has been officially presented to the Historical Archives of the European Union (HAEU) in Florence, Italy.  The presentation of the archive marks a new era for ESF as it continues its evolution into a dedicated research support... [more]

12. May 2016

European Science Foundation announces appointment of new Chief Executive, Dr Jean-Claude Worms

Monday 9 May 2016: Dr Jean-Claude Worms has been appointed Chief Executive of the Strasbourg based European Science Foundation (ESF).  With over 22 years’ experience in research management, Dr Worms leads the organisation as it completes the re-alignment of its service offering. ESF is now... [more]

25. March 2016

Searching for Life beyond Earth - Release of the first Scientific Roadmap for European Astrobiology

This strategic landmark for European astrobiology has been produced through the European Commission-funded AstRoMap project (2013-2015). [more]

23. November 2015

Mars Exploration Starts on Earth

MASE Project Press Conference – 25 November 2015, DLR Institute of Aerospace Medicine, Köln, Germany -  [more]

21. October 2015

EMB Brussels event to highlight the importance of ocean research in addressing climate change

A scientific forum ‘The Ocean-Climate Nexus’, organized by the European Marine Board (EMB), will be held at the European Parliament in Brussels on 21 October 2015 at 16.00. The special parliament event is being hosted by former EMB vice-Chair, MEP Ricardo Serrão Santos. [more]

31. August 2015

Understanding the deep sea is key to a sustainable blue economy

A new European Marine Board paper calls for major progress in deep-sea research to underpin future management and exploitation of living and non-living deep-sea resources. [more]

18. June 2015

Sailing through Changing Oceans: Ocean and Polar Life and Environmental Sciences on a Warming Planet

In the current context of Global Change, sustainable and responsible exploitation of the Oceans can be realised only through a deep understanding of the Ocean processes and of the associated ecosystems spanning every latitude of Planet Earth. This is the key concept advocated by a new position... [more]

28. May 2015

Career Tracking of Doctorate Holders - Investing in the future: are we supporting the right choices?

ESF has just published a report on a pilot study of the career paths of post-doctorates and doctorate alumni from five research funding and research performing organisations: AXA Research Fund (AXA RF), France, Fonds National de la Recherche (FNR), Luxembourg, Goethe Graduate Academy at the Goethe... [more]

13. April 2015

Extreme Geohazards: Reducing the Disaster Risk and Increasing Resilience

Extreme hazards – rare, high-impact events – pose a serious and underestimated threat to humanity. The extremes of the broad ensemble of natural and anthropogenic hazards can lead to global disasters and catastrophes. Because they are rare and modern society lacks experience with them, they tend to... [more]

29. January 2015

Forward Look Report on Quantum Biology Presented in Brussels

The scientific community represented by about forty researchers and officials from research funding organisations gathered in Brussels on 23 January 2015 to present the outcomes of the European Science Foundation’s (ESF) Foresight Activity on Research in Quantum Biology (FarQBio).  [more]

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