Calls and Funding

Each year, the European Science Foundation (ESF) announces a series of calls for proposals which will give the opportunity to propose collaborative research projects and networking activities with a European dimension.

The calls span all fields of science through four main funding instruments, covering all types of scientific activities, from basic research and frontier science to networking and dissemination. Information about submitting proposals can be found below:

  • ESF is currently streamlining its activities to be in line with the needs of its Member Organisations. During this process, there are no plans to launch a Call for Exploratory Workshops proposals, EUROCORES Themes proposals or Research Networking Programmes proposals.
  • ESF Research Conferences
    Annual Call for proposals aimed at events to be held 1 or 2 years after - targeted disciplines may vary. Call opening and closing time generally between April and October - See Research Conferences Homepage for details.

For Grants and Calls within a running RNP or EUROCORES, please consult the pages of the relevant programme itself.


The ESF is not a "funding organisation" as such and does not award grants to students or individual researchers outside its designated funding instruments and related activities (see below). Therefore, please refer to the Marie Curie Actions, to the European Research Council (starting grants) or to the funding provided by some charities, philanthropic associations or foundations at the national level, etc.

However, the ESF does support short visits (15 days) or exchange visits (from 15 days to 6 months) as part of its Research Networking Programmes (RNPs). For possibilities and conditions, please refer to the following link, from which individual RNPs can be accessed.

Similarly, the ESF does not financially support individual meetings apart from the following types of events (also described further above in the page) which have an annual call:

  • ESF Exploratory Workshops
  • ESF Research Conferences