ESF Exploratory Workshops

Please note that there are no plans to launch further Calls for Exploratory Workshops.

Each year, ESF supported between 25-40 Exploratory Workshops across all scientific domains.

These small, interactive output oriented meetings were aimed at opening up new directions in research to explore emerging research fields with potential impact on new developments in science. The workshops, which usually lasted 1-3 days, had a wide participation from across Europe and involve mature scientists as well as young, independent researchers and scholars with leadership potential. The relatively small scale (in terms of people involved) provided an ideal platform for focus on the topic and for all participants to contribute to discussions and plan follow-up collaborative work.

Call for Proposals

*2013 Call for Proposals  [Closed]
The text of the call remains available for information purposes

*Outcome of the 2013 Call for Proposals
* For workshops to be held in 2014
* Out of 219 eligible proposals in all scientific fields, 24 were selected for fundingĀ°. (This represents an average success rate of 11%) - see full list under next section.
* List of referees used to peer review the workshop proposals under the 2013 Call (available soon)

Information on Awarded Exploratory Workshops

* Guidelines for organisers of awarded ESF Exploratory Workshops (PDF 58 KB)

Information on workshops in 2014:

Scientific Reports on workshops held in: