Our Expertise

Our broad scientific network

We have an invaluable network of 300,000 scientific stakeholders (academics, science policy experts, key decision-makers) on the European and global research landscape. Our College of Experts is a subset of our broader network, including over 8 000 highly-skilled experts who are committed to participating in ESF-led peer review. In addition, we have set up permanent Review Panels whose members meet regularly to evaluate grant proposals submitted in response to calls implemented by our partners.

2,000 programmes managed in 30 countries

We have proven expertise in science and engineering project management across all scientific domains. In over 40 years of existence, ESF has managed over 2,000 European and international science programmes and networks, gathering over 300,000 scientists. Today, we deliver tailored solutions engineered to fit your specific needs, processes and environment. Depending on your project’s advancement, our team can intervene at any phase, from specifications to implementation and follow-up. We know how to adjust existing processes to reach higher quality results, and we help your team implement efficient, benchmarked, procedures.

15 languages spoken by our team

Our expert staff is international, multilingual and highly-qualified. 15 nationalities are represented, with the following languages spoken fluently: Arabic, Croatian, English, Estonian, Finish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Romanian, and Russian.

Proven Science management Procedures

Over the past four decades, we have developed premier science management practices, coordinating European and international science programmes and networks, with support from 80 Member Organisations in 30 countries. We efficiently deliver better results to our clients and partners, whether in selecting the most promising research projects to fund, hosting boards of high-level scientific experts, or coordinating Virtual Institutes. Our long experience in peer review and evaluation has given us a deep understanding and strong expertise in the issues surrounding this type of mission. Our partner organisations trust that they have access to peer review and evaluation services of the highest international standards. Our lean and effective administrative capacity and our recruitment processes (recognised by the European Commission Award 'HR Excellence in Research') allow us to provide specialised, expert staff for any mission, whether it requires administrative efficiency or scientific expertise.