Institutional Evaluation

Maximise the impact of research policies and programmes


What we do

ESF-Science Connect provides our customers with independent evaluation of organisations including research funding organisations, research centres and networks, as well as evaluation of research policies and research programmes and high-level research positions. Our team has mastered state-of-the-art qualitative and quantitative methods and we have subject matter expertise across all science domains.

We work with recognised research-based methodologies providing the highest level of expertise in evaluation and we equip our clients with tools for the development of indicators and monitoring systems to evaluate their achievements in the future.

Our evaluation services include:

  • Institutional Evaluation
    Evaluating the strategy, governance, management structures, objectives and processes of an institution (e.g. research funding organisations)
  • Evaluation of Programmes
    Assessing programmes in terms of their structure, programmatic aspects and scientific value
  • Impact Assessment
    Quantifying the impact of research programmes, policies and projects
  • Ex-ante, Formative and Ex-post evaluations
    Evaluating programmes, policies or projects before, during and after their implementation
  • Evaluation/selection of high-level positions
    Support entities such as research institutes or university hospitals in selecting high-profile positions (Professorships, Directorships, etc.)

Methodologies used
Expert panel evaluations, surveys, stakeholder consultations, interviews, focus groups, counterfactual impact assessment, bibliometric review, etc.

Benefits of working with ESF-Science Connect

  • Tailored evaluation of a proven quality: we have a 43-year track record of evaluating research funding institutions, research programmes and projects in all domains of science
  • We draw on a large resource of science and policy experts recruited through our unique ESF Community of Experts Database containing over 4,000 international academics
  • Clear criteria and indicators based on European & international standards
  • ESF is a trusted intermediary between Academia and funders
  • As a non-profit organisation, ESF is in a unique position to offer high value to our customers at competitive prices

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