European Projects Coordination

Improve your proposal success rate, alleviate the administrative burden on your staff and run a better project


We will support you by

  • Helping you build a successful consortium, connecting you with leading scientists, institutions, industries and companies from all over Europe.
  • Taking care of the proposal preparation phase by leading budget and work allocation negotiations, coordinating the proposal writing and editing phase and walking you through all the necessary administrative steps.
  • Providing you with experienced, science-trained project managers who are able to coordinate complex projects from proposal to delivery.
  • Making our specialised financial and administrative staff available to you for expert advice and support.
  • Providing access to a large number of scientific experts and high-ranking agency officials all over Europe.
  • Offering a unique set of services that add significant value to your project, including evaluation services, dissemination services (workshops, publications, large events, conferences, etc.) and community/stakeholder mapping.

Benefits of working with ESF-Science Connect

  • Enhance your project with the unique skills that ESF-Science Connect offers in the fields of evaluation, foresight advice, community mapping and communication, benefiting from ESF’s several decades of experience in this field.
  • Benefit from the capacity to prepare high-quality proposals
  • Spend less time in the processes of applying for grants.
  • Ensure that your project runs smoothly, with minimum administrative and managerial hassle.
  • Increase your proposal success rate for Horizon 2020.

Examples of EU-funded projects supported by ESF

Since 2003, ESF has acted as Consortium Partner, Project Office or Coordinator in over 45 high profile EC projects (from FP5 to H2020), including:

  • The Graphene Flagship since 2013
  • MERIL-2 since 2016, and MERIL-1 from 2010 to 2012. In the intermediate period 2013-2015, this was funded by ESF Member Organisations
  • COST management from 2003 to 2014. ESF was the legal entity for COST, operating the COST Office in Brussels through a specific EC contract

In addition, ESF has contributed to several projects sponsored by other international organisations, including the European Space Agency (ESA).


Graphene Case Study
Megahit Case Study 

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