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This partnership is for you if you are looking for:

  • Transparency and impartiality throughout your research grant process
  • Assistance in identifying and inviting external reviewers and scientific experts
  • Setting-up disciplinary on-site and/or remote review panels

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This partnership is for you if:

  • You are looking for partners to explore opportunities to answer a EU funded project call
  • You would like to partner with ESF and benefit from its extensive experience in proposal writing, budget & work allocation negotiations

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This partnership is ideal for organisations that wish to:

  • Deal only with science matters related to their scientific Expert Boards, Committees, Societies, Institutes, etc.
  • Outsource all administrative, human resources, finance, and legal matters related to their organisations
  • Set up a formal scientific platform complying with European standards and policies

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This partnership is designed for Research organisations and institutions looking for:

  • An independent evaluation of their organisation’s strategy, governance, programmes and processes
  • Support in the selection of high-profile positions

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This partnership is for universities, research funders and research performing organisations wishing to:

  • Assess the impact and quality of their doctoral programmes through specific and tailored surveys
  • Identify the impact from funding awards and PhD career mobility

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Examples of tailored support partnerships :

  • Supporting your regional or national research road mapping exercises
  • Maximising the impact of your research policies and programmes using the requisite expertise across all science domains

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