Case Studies

Graphene - EU Funded Project

Graphene Flagship Open Call for consortium extension during the ramp-up phase under the 7th Framework Programme

AXA - Research Grant Evaluation

Supporting philanthropy in achieving research excellence

OTKA - Institutional Evaluation

Coordinating the first international review of the activities of OTKA over the period 2009-2013

ESSC - Scientific Expert Board

Providing an independent voice for European Space scientists

Megahit - EU Funded Project

The MEGAHIT project created a roadmap for the necessary technologies to be developed in Europe to enable the creation of a high power (MW level) space transport vehicle with nuclear electric propulsion

CRAF - Scientific Expert Board

Established in 1988, CRAF represents all the major radio astronomy observatories in Europe

Research Career Tracking Survey

Exploring career paths of doctorate holders in a pilot project involving five organisations and 500 respondents


Supporting a national research council with an independent evaluation of its strategy and work by a high-level international evaluation committee