ESF – Science Connect is in orbit!

The European Science Foundation has placed its new services division Science Connect in a safe orbit on 3 April 2017, opening up thereby a new period of ESF support to the European Research Area.


The ESF-Science Connect launch event took place at the Strasbourg City Hall and was hosted by the City and of Strasbourg and the Eurométropole, who have continuously supported and encouraged ESF throughout its history.

The event was attended by senior figures from the worlds of science, research, academia and public life, including Mr. Nicolas Matt, member of Strasbourg City Council; Prof. Michel Deneken, President of the University of Strasbourg; Mrs. Catherine Trautmann, Vice President of the Eurometropole in charge of economic, European and international development; and Prof. Jean-Marie Lehn, 1987 Chemistry Nobel Prize. For more details about the event check out our launch article.


Strasbourg is the headquarters and home of ESF and this has been the case since 1974 when our organisation was created. It is not a city like the others: where else in the world do you show citizens the path to Science, alongside those to the City Hall and central Post Office? A city like this has certainly got the right stuff! Thanks wholeheartedly.


At the time of ESF’s founding, the case was made for an organisation that would bring together the continent’s leading scientists and funding agencies to advance European science. Over the 4 decades that followed, our organisation took on the tasks of supporting cross-border collaborative research and setting strategic science agendas for Europe, and it has achieved an enormous and lasting impact on the science community within Europe and at the international level. Since 1974, ESF supported over 2,000 programmes and networks, gathering more than 300,000 scientists from 186 countries.

A winding-down period lasting over five years began in 2010, during which ESF had to dismantle its traditional collaborative research activities. During this time, ESF was able to adapt in order to survive. After 43 years of supporting European science, the adventure indeed continues! Not surprisingly, it is through our expertise in evaluating, funding and managing research programmes and networks, and through the overall heritage of ESF, that we are now able to offer new services to the community at large. Peer-review, evaluation, career tracking, programme and project management, hosting of Expert Boards, are examples of what we provide our partners and customers since 2016.


We are also expanding our resource network of research expertise and talent by establishing the ESF Community of Experts. We already have over 2,200 new members on board, including our College of Review Panel members. Our Community of Experts reactivates the ESF network of international academics, science policy experts, key decision-makers and stakeholders across the European and global research landscape.

Now, with a renewed mission and a renewed mandate from our members and partners, we look forward to working with the European and global science community in partnership in the years and decades ahead.


  1. Anonymous
    Jean-Claude Worms says:

    We're honoured to attract such good talent!

    And thrilled to read such enthusiastic comments by Yohannes. Thank you for your support and trust!

  2. Anonymous
    Yohannes Sewiye says:

    ESF has provided a unique opportunity for establishing the network of scientists across the globe for over forty years and now it has come up with a renewed spirit to continue its mission of network of research expertise and talent by establishing the "ESF Community of Experts".

    I am one of those several young scientists who benefited from the opportunity provided by the ESF in 2009 on the occasion of a symposium. I was able to present my research work on a Poster Session in Sweden/Linkoping. Thanks to ESF! Long Live ESF! ... Yohannes Sewiye

  3. Anonymous
    Juan F. GALLARDO says:

    Please, add me too. Annexed you can see my reference at the WEB site of the Institute of the Spanish C.S.I.C., best regards:


  4. Anonymous
    John Villadsen says:

    Having worked for several years in the review of Projects and of individual career grants for scientists in ERC I( shall be happy to add my name to the list of future ESF Experts (Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering) in the future Work of ESF

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