FWO's Reviewer's Corner

FWO Postdoctoral fellowship Call

FWO - ESF-Science Connect Partnership

Since 2012, ESF-Science Connect partners with funding organisations, universities and international programmes for the scientific assessment or research proposals and fellowship applications submitted in the context of competitive calls for funding (http://www.esf.org/grant-evaluation/research-grant-evaluation/). Since 2016, the ESF-Science Connect has processed the evaluation of more than 6,000 research proposals and fellowship applications and set up 60 review panels. 

When implementing its assessment process, ESF Science Connect strictly follows core principles to ensure the robustness of the process, in particular: excellence, impartiality and integrity.

FWO is entrusting ESF-Science Connect to contribute to the scientific assessment of applications submitted to the postdoctoral fellowships’ calls. In doing so, ESF-Science Connect is identifying and appointing two expert reviewers per application. Only applications considered as eligible by FWO are to be evaluated.  Expert reviewers are expected to have sound knowledge on the topic of the proposal and the required expertise to provide an informed opinion on the scientific merit of the applicant and her/his research project. The identification, appointment and coordination of reviewers is an independent process fully implemented by ESF without any external intervention.

The assessment reports will be checked for quality by ESF-Science Connect scientific staff; this may require some editing and typo correcting but also some iteration with the reviewers on the actual content of a report. Once validated, the assessment reports will be provided to FWO.

What’s Next? FWO - Selection process

The assessment reports will then be forwarded to FWO’s disciplinary expert panels  and will be considered as specialists’ inputs in the selection process.

The selection process implemented through FWO Expert panels will first identify shortlisted applicants to be interviewed and then conclude on a final list of candidates to be supported. The announcement of results is expected in June 2020, successful applicants will start their fellowship on 1st October or 1st November 2020.