What our members say

"For me, participation in ESF-led peer review exercises has been a fulfilling experience for three reasons. First, because I get the opportunity to appreciate the breadth of the scientific talent that exists across several disciplines. Second, because I meet open-minded and engaging leading experts from other disciplines and countries, all dedicated to fairness and to scientific excellence. Last but not least, because the care demonstrated by ESF in the details of the review procedure, and the fair and equitable way the ethical and social issues that arise from time to time are dealt with, strengthen my belief in the value of the independent peer review process."

Professor Michael Tsimplis
Professor of Maritime Law and Ocean Sciences at the University of Southampton


"This year, 2017, will be my fourth year of collaboration with the European Science Foundation as a research associate. ESF is a great place to work, as it is a diverse organization with talented people and great leadership. The peer-review process I am involved in never gets boring. We’re all exposed to co-workers from diverse educational and technical backgrounds, and we participate in varied projects. "

Dr Marie Pelé
Researcher on Behavioral Biology