Research Associate Consultants

ESF activities are developing substantially as a science services organisation. In order to streamline our (research proposals) peer review process and ensure the continued high quality and responsiveness of our services, we are constantly recruiting new Research Associates Consultants across all scientific disciplines.

Research Associates Consultants collaborate with ESF on a limited-time project basis. This includes supporting our Grant Evaluation activity by identifying expert evaluators and checking the scientific validity and quality of assessment reports.

Selected Research Associates Consultants will receive appropriate training and mentoring as well as recognition for projects satisfactorily completed, in the form of a certificate delivered by ESF. They will learn more as to how successful award applications are written and how selection processes work.


To be eligible to join our pool of Research Associates, you will need to fulfill certain criteria. We seek Consultants who have already been awarded a PhD and who have suitable post-doctoral experience in a variety of disciplines:

  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • Physics, Engineering and Material Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Life Sciences
  • Earth Sciences
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Biomedical Sciences

As a Research  Associate Consultant you are required to invoice your services to ESF, and you will need to have the flexibility and be available for ad-hoc assignments.

A proven track record either with ESF or another reputable research funding agency would be a valuable asset.

If you are successful in joining our pool of Research Associates, and if your field of expertise is relevant to a given assessment process, you will collaborate with the European Science Foundation on a temporary project basis, supporting our science services. The projects we undertake usually require between 4-6 months and normally demand a team of several Research Associates.

We will contact you a minimum of two or three weeks in advance to check your availability and establish a consultancy agreement.

Nature of the mission

When selecting Research Associates Consultants to work on particular missions we will always look for the best-fit for the assignment, taking into consideration your area of expertise, discipline, experience and availability.

The mission normally entails:

  • identifying scientific peers in order to assess research projects proposals and fellowships applications;
  • checking the scientific validity and quality of peer-review reports;
  • other related tasks as appropriate (ie: supporting review panels and their Chairs)

Prior to any concrete work engagement with us, selected Research Associate Consultans will be provided with:

  • Documents and information describing the processes that they could be assigned to work on
  • Appropriate training on these processes.

The training will be delivered by experienced ESF Science Officers and Mission Coordinators through online or physical meetings. The certificate provided at the end of your mission will attest that you have completed this training at ESF.

More information about our Peer Review and grant evaluation processes can be found in the European Peer Review Guide (Integrating Policies and Practices into Coherent Procedures) published by ESF in 2011.

How to apply

If you are interested in joining our pool of Research Associate Consultans, you can send an email and your CV as attachment to cra[at]esf[dot]org

ESF will not discriminate, nor allow its staff to discriminate, against any member of staff or applicant for employment or ex-employee on the basis of gender (including in cases of pregnancy or maternity); age; ethnic, national or social origin; religion or belief; sexual orientation; disability; political opinion; social or economic condition or health.