Nicolas Walter

Nicolas Walter is Corporate Science Officer in charge of supervising and developing the ESF Science Connect’s Peer Review Services, the European platform for the assessment of grant proposals.

Nicolas is also Executive Scientific Secretary of the ESF’s expert committee on space science policy (the European Space Sciences Committee - ESSC) and coordinator of two European Commission-funded projects (FP7 Mars Analogues for Space Exploration - MASE and Horizon 2020 Planetary Protection of Outer Solar System - PPOSS).

Nicolas joined the European Science Foundation in 2002. As a Science Officer serving ESF expert boards and committees, he has been involved in many science policy initiatives in the domains of European space, marine, polar and material sciences. He has also initiated and managed nine projects and studies financed by the European Commission and the European Space Agency.

Before joining the ESF, Nicolas served as Project Engineer at the French space agency (CNES) in Kourou, French Guyana. He holds a Master’s degree in Space Studies from the International Space University and a Bachelor degree in Business Management and Innovation from the University of Strasbourg.