Laura Alvarez

Laura Alvarez is a Communications Officer with ESF Science Connect. Her role involves advising and collaborating with all Science Officers to ensure effective communication and dissemination of all scientific project’s results and achievements coordinated or supported by the ESF. As work package leader in communications in some of these projects, she is responsible for managing all outreach and dissemination activities, boosting the communications efforts and collaborating with stakeholders to maximise the outreach impact and engage with the scientific community.

Forward looking, Laura will also support the management team by defining the new overarching communications strategy and carrying out its implementation, in line with the ESF Science Connect’s expansion and vision.

Laura obtained her MBA degree in 2009, completing an internship at a media agency as part of the exchange programme organised by Chapman University in Orange, California. Upon her return and for the past nine years, she has dedicated her professional career to work for public institutions and international non-profit organisations, with a focus on communications management.

Prior to taking up her current role at ESF, Laura worked at the Internal and External Engagement Division, DG Communications, at the European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt. In this role, she developed and implemented outreach communications initiatives with the aim of fostering engagement with European citizens, as well as major stakeholders from academia, the financial sector, EU institutions and policymakers. Complementing this, she also supported the internal communications team by identifying engagement opportunities that met both the organisation and staff’s needs. She strived to raise awareness among staff members and motivate them to take part in internal discussions. In this line, one of her main projects was the launch of the ECB’s Business Strategy 2018-2020.

Previously, Laura had worked at the European Molecular Biology Organisation (EMBO) in Heidelberg, a role which allowed her to gain invaluable insight into the European scientific community through daily interactions with scientists. This positive experience motivated her to continue the path of science communication and the promotion of science awareness.

Laura is a very outgoing, sociable and flexible person, and blends easily in international teams. She speaks fluent English, Spanish, French and German.