Evaluation Support

What evaluation support does ESF provide?

ESF provides a range of evidence-based evaluation services from framework design, through the management, support and implementation of ex-ante, formative and ex-post evaluation.

We will coordinate and supply the necessary subject matter and evaluation expertise across all science domains and conduct independent evaluations drawing on national and international expertise at the level of research and innovation systems, organisations and programmes.

For more details and requests, please contact evaluation[at]esf.org

We also have a small explanatory brochure that you may find useful.

Why ESF?

ESF is developing its activities to become a high quality international evaluation service provider, providing excellence in basic research, development and innovation. We aim to connect evaluation with strategy and process improvement - implementing lessons from evaluation in practice and helping to apply them.

We have solid experience conducting structured evaluations of national funding organisations and academic institutions and we can also apply our expertise to foundations and research organisations. Evaluations comprise an interactive assessment of strengths and weaknesses, scientometric performance analyses and evaluation by international peer groups. We use a wide range of quantitative and qualitative evaluation tools. We perform research, performance and organisational evaluations and consulting on research strategy, organisational structure, management practices and governance.

Our evaluations mainly focus on the following aspects: 

1. The assessment of organisations throughout

         a.  Their governance and management
         b.  The analysis of their strategy
         c.   A full scale ex-post evaluations

2. The assessment of the scientific quality of programs or research groups focusing on  

          a. Their scientific quality and impact,
          b. Their internationalisation.

3. Recommendations and strategic planning, foresight and policy advise

ESF delivers its services in the spirit of the peer review process and of scientific excellence. This includes in-depth interactions between the organisation that is evaluated with the ESF experts to arrive at conclusions together and identify solutions that are tailored to best fit the corresponding environment.