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ESF brings world’s leading scientists and researchers together to develop a “Community of Experts”

The European Science Foundation (ESF) is expanding its resource network of European research expertise and talent to establish the ESF Community of Experts, which already has over 2,000 new members on board.

This development reactivates the ESF network of international academics, science policy experts, key decision-makers and stakeholders across the European and global research landscape.  The network has been built over 4 decades through extensive connections and engagements with over 300,000 scientists from 186 countries who have benefited from participation in ESF’s programmes.

Driven by its commitment to collaboration and excellence in scientific research, ESF also recently established its new expert services division – Science Connect.

Dr. Jean-Claude Worms, Chief Executive of ESF, said:  “The scale and scope of ESF activities are increasing as we continue our re-establishment as an expert science services based organisation. In order to streamline our processes we are reactivating this invaluable network and expanding it as the ESF Community of Experts. By growing this database further we can continue to build sustainable links across multiple research fields, and better enable and support researchers in meeting future scientific challenges.
”We are strengthening our College of Expert Reviewers, where these very experienced people will be in a position to provide robust, well informed scientific assessments and evaluations in their domains of expertise. I’m delighted that we have received quick and positive feedback from scientists around the launch of this Community of Experts”.

The ESF Community of Experts will play a vital role in sustaining scientific collaboration, supporting excellence in peer-review, and in research grant and proposal evaluation across all areas of research. It is structured around 3 colleges:

  • The College of Review Panel Members - members are invited to meet to assess the scientific merit of research proposals during dedicated sessions.
  • The College of Expert Reviewers - members are invited to undertake online scientific assessments and evaluations for research project proposals and fellowship applications.
  • The College of Research Associates - members are invited to collaborate with ESF on temporary missions. This includes supporting science services, identifying scientific peers, and checking the scientific validity and quality of evaluation of peer-review reports.

Members of the College of Expert Reviewers and the College of Review Panel Members are experts of international stature with a proven record of scientific excellence and a broad knowledge of their disciplinary area, as well as experience in committee work and the scientific assessment processes. ESF recognises their valuable expertise through various awards and recognitions.

The ESF team is committed to making the Community of Experts a success, and an authoritative reference point in Europe and internationally.

Mrs. Bachira Rahmani, Administrative Assistant/Community of Experts coordination, said “A successful launch, with over 2,000 new members joining in record time has had a very positive impact on the efficiency of ESF’s current peer review missions. We appreciate the excellent work of the members of the Community of Experts who have provided reviews in our most recent campaigns. They will be awarded a certificate of recognition and their names will be published on ESF’s website.”

For further information on the ESF Community of Experts, please visit ESF’s website: