SRG-MED visit neuroscientist Professor May-Britt Moser, 2014 Nobel Prize laureate in Physiology or Medicine.

The SRG-MED and ESF staff members had the privilege to be hosted by Professor May-Britt Moser in Trondheim on 17 October 2014 and to be guided by her...

In memoriam Hans Kahlmann (1937 - 2014) - First chairman of CRAF

On September 3, 2014 Hans Kahlmann passed away at the age of 76 years.

Careers: Virtual mobility can drive equality

At the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF2014) in June, scientists, policy-makers and the public discussed 'virtual mobility'.

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European Social Survey Round 8 Questionnaire Module Call

The call for proposals from multi-national teams - to design modules for the European Social Survey (ESS) Round 8 questionnaire - has now opened. ESS...

GRAPHENE Flagship Competitive Call now open

The GRAPHENE Flagship Project consortium will be extended with new partners demonstrating complementarities to carry out specific research tasks...

Research Networking Programme CONGENOMICS - Call for short visit grants

The ConGenOmics programme is a European network platform for the exchange of knowledge and facilities in the context of conservation genomics. By...

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Press Releases

Tracing our ancestors at the bottom of the sea

New European Marine Board report recommends exploration of sea-submerged settlements abandoned by our ancestors.

Metallurgy Europe programme recommended by European Science Foundation’s MatSEEC committee selected as new EUREKA Cluster

Metallurgy Europe, a 7-year, 1bn€ program in the field of metals research and manufacturing, has recently been selected as a new Eureka Cluster and...

Forecasting the development of breakthrough technologies to enable novel space missions

A new report, Technological Breakthroughs for Scientific Progress (TECHBREAK), has been published today by the European Science Foundation.

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Upcoming Conferences

ESF-EMBO Symposium

Bacterial Networks (bacnet15)
Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain, 9.5 - 14.5 2015. (closing date: 8. February 2015)

ESF-EMBO Symposium

Be There Or Die? The Role Of The Microenvironment In B Cell Behaviour In Health And Disease
Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain, 16.5 - 21.5 2015. (closing date: 15. February 2015)

ESF-EMBO Symposium

Symbiomes: Systems Biology of Host-Microbiome Interactions
Polonia Castle Pultusk, Poland, 5.6 - 10.6 2015. (closing date: 8. March 2015)

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Recent Developments

ESF was recently commissioned by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) in Portugal to set up review panels and implement the first stage of the 2013 Research Units evaluation. The independent evaluation delivered by ESF, its panel members and expert peer reviewers was performed in line with the highest international standards. Further details.

ESF MatSEEC Success Story

Metallurgy Europe program recommended by European Science Foundation’s MatSEEC committee has been selected as a new EUREKA Cluster. [Read the full story]