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ESF-LiU Conference

Images and Visualisation: Imaging Technology, Truth and Trust

17-21 September 2012

Norrköping, Sweden

Chaired by:
Brigitte Nerlich, University of Nottingham, UK, Director, Leverhulme Programme: Making Science Public
Andrew Balmer, University of Manchester, UK
Annamaria CarusiUniversity of Copenhagen, DK

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Both Leonardo da Vinci and John Constable claimed that painting is a science. This science has been explored extensively in traditional aesthetics and art
history. Given recent advances in science and visual engineering, creating images for science, of science and for the translation (interpretation) of science has become at one and the same time commonplace, even easy, and even more scientific.
The aim of this conference is to bring together experts from across the natural and social sciences, with curators, artists, producers and users of images based on advanced visual engineering. By exploring emerging challenges at the interface between advanced visualisation technologies, truth and trust we want to stimulate talk, interaction and collaboration between the arts, humanities and (natural, medical, engineering, computer) sciences, in a context where both science and (visual) art are increasingly converging and, at the same time, disciplinary boundaries still separate those working across them.
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Practical Information

The conference will take place on the university campus of Norrköping.
Norrköping is situated in southern Sweden, 160km south of Stockholm. Norrköping boasts a geographical location for both people and companies accentuated by an efficient transport hub featuring the railway, a net of highways, the airport and the second largest port, measured by the value of the cargo handled. There are around 130 000 inhabitant.

Detailed information on all practical aspects of the conference is available on the Practical Information page

Please note that accomodation is not provided in the conference package.

Useful information about accomodation in Norrköping can be found on the website of the Norrköping Tourism Office:

A blog has been created to encourage potential participants to get in touch and share transport and accommodation tips and advice. Please visit and make good use of it!

Participants are encouraged to browse the following blogs as their content is relevant to the conference topic and can be considered as supporting reading:

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