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Third European Set Theory Conference

3 - 8 July 2011

ICMS, Edinburgh, UK

Chaired by:

Professor Philip Welch, University of Bristol, UK

Organising Committee:

Professor  Joan Bagaria, University of Barcelona, ES
Professor  Menachem Magidor, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, IL
Professor  Jouko Väänänen, University of Helsinki, FI


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Set Theory as was quickly recognised by David Hilbert more than 100 years ago, plays a fundamental foundational role in the intellectual underpinning of pure mathematics. Cantor's work on cardinality and wellorderings was seen to establish several basic areas of research whose threads we discern today and indeed will be emphasised in this conference: on the arithmetic of cardinal numbers themselves, and on the 'descriptive set theory' that seeks to analyse the logical complexity of sets definable within mathematical language. Cantor's work derived from his study of trigonometric series, and modern set theory goes back to classical analysis as well as to modern Banach space theory, abstract algebra, ergodic theory, and dynamical systems to find fruitful applications.

The Final Programme is now available.

List of Invited Speakers and Accepted Participants

List of Accepted Posters (PDF)

Participants at the Third European Set Theory Conference, Edinburgh, UK, 3-8 July 2011

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Practical Information

The conference will be hosted by ICMS and take place in the Informatics Forum in Edinburgh.

Conference sessions will start in the morning of 4 July and end in the evening of 7 July. Accommodation is planned for check-in on 3 July and check-out on 8 July.

Further information is available in the practical information guide.

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