The Functionality of Iron Minerals in Environmental Processes (FIMIN)


Iron minerals play a dominant role in a wide range of environmental processes, such as regulation of element cycles, contaminant degradation, and biotechnological applications. Our ability to understand these processes has grown significantly in the last years due to the development of powerful instrumental and analytical tools both in geochemistry and microbiology. However, application of this knowledge across disciplines is still at the beginning. In this Research Network Programme we therefore aim at making these techniques available to a larger number of young scientists from various disciplines based at European research institutes through a bundle of activities over a period of 48 months. These activities consist of travel grants for exchange visits to perform research in European laboratories, and of various training elements, such as laboratory courses and a summer school. Participation is based on a review process being handled by the Steering Committee. The organisation of the training elements is performed by European research groups that can apply for funding to the Steering Committee. The research network will be completed by a major international conference.


Four years, from the first Steering Committee meeting (13 May 2009).



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