EuroBioForum 2008

EuroBioForum 2008 was held in Strasbourg, France on 17-19 September in association with the European Commission and the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. This event attracted over 120 participants from 22 European countries, including representatives from national and intergovernmental research funding organisations, leading research scientists, policy makers and representatives from the European Commission, foundations, industry and patient organisations.

Download the final conference report here (2.15 MB).


Presentations from EuroBioForum 2008

Dr. Jacques Remacle, DG Research, EC - European Research Area: Challenges and Perspectives
Dr. Wouter Spek, ESF - EuroBioFund

Professor Matthias Rögner, Ruhr-University Bochum, DE - Harnessing (Cyano-)Bacteria for Energy Production and Workshop Presentation

Dr. Michael Taussig, The Babraham Institute, UK - A European Resource of Affinity Reagents for Analysis of the Human Proteome
Professor Xavier Estivill, Centre for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona, ES - European Profiles of Structural and Sequence Variation of the Human Genome in Disease
Professor Pedro Crous - CBS Fungal Biodiversity Centre, Utrecht, NL - Calibrating Europe's Biodiversity using DNA Barcodes



Images from EuroBioForum 2008 - from left to right (Professor Marja Makarow, CEO, ESF; Dr. Wouter Spek, Director, EuroBioFund; Dr. Jacques Remacles, DG Research, EC).



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