ESF wants you for its Community of Experts!

We are delighted to announce that ESF is launching the “ESF Community of Experts,” a quality driven network of scientific experts that covers the full spectrum of the scientific landscape. By mobilising this network through peer review and evaluation exercises, we will build sustainable collaboration across multiple scientific fields and enable researchers to meet future scientific challenges.

The Community of Experts is structured around three colleges:

  • The College of Review Panel Members
  • The College of Expert Reviewers
  • The College of Research Associates (to be launched in the coming months)

Benefits to members of the ESF Community of Experts include:

  • Annual publication of the names of members having provided a review on the ESF website (unless opted-out)
  • Certificate of recognition for each member having provided a review
  • Engagement in the grant-selection process
  • Opportunity to promote their work through the network an exposure to new and innovative ideas in their field
  • Ability to post articles and exchange ideas with other experts from different fields through our upcoming online Community of Experts’ Forum

At ESF, our team is committed to supporting the ESF Community of Experts and making it a reference of excellence on the European scene and beyond.

To join our Community of Experts and for more information, click here

We look forward to receiving your feedback, questions or queries through the dedicated mailbox: esfexperts[at]esf[dot]org

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  1. Anonymous
    JCW says:

    thank you for your support, Roy!

  2. Anonymous
    Roy Manas says:

    Thanks Sir for your kind initiative towards an interdisciplinary venturefull work world.

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